My passion in retrievers started over 30 years ago. Since then, I have successfully competed in tests and trials throughout Europe. I started with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers – DK JCH Cheslabben Pow Wow and Crosswind’s A Spot of Maxxie, which were the first Chesapeakes to run at Skinners World Cup, Game Fair and IWT with top results.

Since 2006 I have run Labradors on Workingtests and Trials, DRCARBCH  Edison of Dukefield, Blackthorn Merga, Blackthorn A Red Devil and Powee’s A Spot of Merga. Over the years I have represented Germany at the IWT eleven times with five different dogs.

I breed Labrador Retriever under the kennel name “Powee’s“. At the moment I have three promising young dogs, which I love to train together with friends, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop.

I am a board member of the German Retriever Club and I am also involved in the breeding committee for Labradors of the German Retriever Club.

Since I became a judge in 2006 I have judged Workingtests and Trials all across Europe. Along with competing my own dogs, it is also a great pleasure to judge. Looking back at all competitions – whether you won or lost – I will always cherish the excitement and goosebumps that arise in the field, and I am sure that those same feelings will also accompany our days in Germany.

I feel honoured having been invited to judge the IWT and I wish all the teams the best of luck and unforgettable days.